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UPC Polska is a converged operator offering modern television solutions, a fiber-based internet as well as mobile and landline telephone services. The high quality of these services and their service assistance is appreciated by their customers - according to the NPS survey conducted by GemSeek Consulting, UPC was the most recommended operator in 2018. Nearly 1.5 million customers use UPC services, and the UPC network has reached over 3.5 million households in over 150 cities in Poland.

Seeing how digital transformation has been evolving, in 2019 UPC began the process of optimizing customer self-service systems. Together with Hycom, new solution architecture was designed and implemented using agile work methods designed. It enables a rapid modular implementation and various solution modifications of solutions, and above all, the independence and exchangeability of technological components whenever the need arises. All this in order to adapt the platform to the needs of customers even faster.

„After years of experience with the "out of the box" solutions, we were looking for a partner who would help us build a digital self-care service tailored to our needs. Addressing business needs through a deep bond with the customer. Hycom perfectly understood this requirement and proposed an approach whose foundation was the analysis of customer paths, solely based on the design of the solution and implementation. The MVP approach, taking into account the benefits for business on the one hand, and on the other, the complexity and time consuming nature which has enabled the rapid implementation of important functionalities and tests on any scale with the clients. Together with Hycom, we were able to provide a working solution on time. It is also worth emphasizing the high level of commitment of the implementation team, the great relations between the people at Hycom and UPC. "

Jacek Jaworski

Digital Experience Director

The first stage of the project was learning about the problems and expectations of our customers. By conducting a thorough analysis, it was possible to collect relevant information and data that were structured and then presented in the form of a customer life cycle map. By using such a model, the collected information gave a clear picture of the source of the problem.

The next stage of the project, entirely managed in accordance with lean principles, was the preparation of a selfcare project roadmap based on the customer journey map. It contained individual stages of development as the achievement of the user's goals in specific journeys.

In the next phase, prototypes of solutions were prepared and improved to maximally adapt them to the expectations of customers.

Aiming to create the best solutions in UPC, the whole scheme was built on the basis of the headless concept and is based on micro-services. Moreover, the architecture based on independent, modular services is an excellent base for building a new digital environment using agile product development methodologies and the PWA technology used, especially useful for self-care solutions, makes the whole solution even more effective.

Bearing in mind the rapidly changing market and wanting to maximize the optimization of customer service, after priorly analyzing the paths of customer needs, the minimal product solution was provided by the Hycom team operating in agile methodology in a record time of 12 weeks.

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