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Digital eCommerce platforms are still changing.​ New features appear with each new release to keep platform up-to-date and go ahead of the competition. ​It's always the right time to think about an upgrade!

The upgrade of an eCommerce platform is a major decision. You need to assess the value of the new version against the effort of the upgrade and your projected business needs. ​ Upgrades are often complex and involve broad components of the implementation. Therefore, we recommend to treat them as a formal project. This will allow you to ensure that appropriate resources are dedicated to the upgrade activities.​ If you use one of the leading eCommerce solution – SAP Hybris or Oracle Commerce Platform - Hycom will help you to make a reliable decision and carry out through the whole upgrade process.​ ​

ask yourself a few questions to get a better starting point:​

Have you been running on your current platform version for more than its end-of life?​

Each eCommerce platform versions reach their end-of-life (EOL) a few years after their release. For SAP Hybris it’s approximately two years and it’s five years for Oracle Commerce. This means that after that time platform vendor will no longer provide technical support for that version under the original contract and provide patches for bugs found in the platform. We recommend upgrading platforms accordingly every two or five years to the newest version available, to keep things running as smoothly as possible.​

Is your current platform meeting all your business needs?​

You don’t want to upgrade for the simple sake of upgrading. However, you may find that you’re looking for features and functionality from newer versions that aren’t easily integrated with what they’re running now. Or, you may want a commerce platform that engages customers and increases sales with real-time contextual offers. It’s time to take an honest look at where you’d like to see improvements in functionalities that come from a newer version.​

Is your business projected to grow in the next several years? Will your needs change or expand?​

Your platform version might meet all your current business needs. Now you’re looking to grow – expand into new locations ​or update your omnichannel strategy. If you’re looking for that type of growth in the next several years, it would be wise to update to a newer platform version ​to maintain support and scale features and functionality to meet your future needs.​

how it works

Initial Analysis​

Analysis of the functional and technical aspects of your project based on documentation, meetings ​and workshops with client’s operational staff. It allows to identify technical and business challenges and finally ends up with recommendation of the best upgrade project approach. As the deliverable ​of this phase we prepare the summary with the outline plan for upgrade, including schedule, effort ​and cost estimation. Usually it takes from 2 to 4 weeks, but it’s strictly depending on project complexity.​


Detailed analysis including technical implementation project, migration plan, quality assurance activities (regression ​and performance test preparation/verification, benchmark test execution), setup of the required environments.​


Implementation all of the required changes and reconfigurations.​


Execution of the regression and performance test on the upgraded environment.​

Go Live​

Run the new version of the platform on the production environment.​


Monthly period when Hycom crew will support with issues regarding production environment in relation to the upgrade. ​

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