platform & application maintenance

Hycom provides full-service system maintenance. From takeover of maintenance services to further system development.

Maintenance and further development of a whole application platform is a natural consequence of hycom's design-build-run process. We are also ready to take over the maintenance and development process of an existing solution. We use our own methodology of code authorization developed by third party companies. Within the maintenance service we offer 24/7 system active or passive monitoring and operating. These processes may include a dedicated professional IT system operating team working 24/7, ready to proactively react to any situation endangering system stability.

how you benefit:

  • hycom adjusts ITIL methodology to your needs
  • you are informed by our team each time there is an opportunity for improvement or optimization of your process
  • you get the 2nd and 3rd support lines taken care of
  • we provide 24/7 maintenance, operating and monitoring services
  • our maintenance services may cover applications or whole platforms 
  • you are free to choose from the open market of digital solutions by our methodology of code authorization developed by third party companies.
  • guaranteed SLA for incidents, problems and system availability
  • you get more than bug fixing – hycom maintenance may include application administrator role
  • we are pro-active so you get periodical system and process optimization audits which might be followed by system or internal company processes improvements

Processes of ITIL provided by hycom

  • Incident Management​
  • Problem Management​
  • Availability Management​
  • Change Management​
  • Capacity Planning​
  • Configuration Management​
  • Source Code Management​
  • Security Management​
  • Exploitation​
  • Development made by maintenance​
  • Backup Management​
  • On-demand support​

why you need transition?

  • you need guaranteed SLA (especially availability) for the application or system which role was increased
  • you need to increase SLA parameter – shorter reaction or resolution time for the maintaining application or system
  • capacity of your IT team is not enough to provide maintenance or development services on required level
  • you need to improve E2E time for delivering new changes or bug fixes for notified problems

what transition is?​

Transition is the taking-over process of an application or system for providing further maintenance and/or development services. It covers two main aspects. The first is taking-over technical knowledge about the application, system or platform. The second is taking-over operational knowledge about providing every internal processes defined on supplier part. The main target of transition is taking-over full responsibility for maintaining and developing the application or system and covering it by guaranteed SLA.

Hycom experience

  • provision of maintenance services for ecommerce and e-care systems

    Hycom has been successfully providing sales and self-service systems in the Internet channel for many years, providing services for the second and third line of support for one of the leading telecommunications operators in Poland. It effectively implements a number of maintenance and administration processes for the systems built on the basis of Oracle Web Commerce (ATG) technology, cooperating with both the customers and the suppliers.

  • taking over and providing maintenance services for the eBOK system

    Hycom successfully carried out the acquisition process to maintain and develop a customer self-service system in the energy sector built in Liferay technology. We provide maintenance services under the third support line, solve current problems, provide ongoing technical support for the client and administrate the application infrastructure.

  • take-over of an ecommerce system for maintenance 

    Hycom is currently making a transition of another ecommerce system based on SAP C/4HANA technology on the German market. Previously adopted systems are now in a stable maintenance phase, and hycom effectively provides support for them within the dedicated third line, focusing mainly on handling problems and technical customer support.

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