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Customers drive todays telco

Today’s telecommunication market is basically fully saturated. There are hardly any users left that can be reached by companies to grow their customer base.

Everyone has at least one mobile subscription and those who fell like it have opted for internet and TV services as well. That makes it extremely difficult to reach new customers. A competition based solely on price can steal customers away from one company to another but at the price of decreasing the overall margin. That leaves telecommunication companies with challenges related to their existing customers much more then newcomers. How does one make them more loyal while generating more value per customer? This challenge is not an easy one to address, comparing to the good old days of market expansion, when communicating a mixture of price and value was the weapon of choice in the market war. But the war is over now. Now is the time to focus on customers.
So what are the demands of today’s telecommunication customer? The answer seems to be obvious: to be satisfied with the product, which is telecommunication or some media service, to be serviced consistently well during his journeys, in an easy and pleasing manner and to get effective support when things go wrong. Easy to say… but making this happen requires several enablers to effectively deliver this experience to our customer.

Today's customer expects to be properly served, regardless of the channel he chooses. To gain this relevancy and engagement it requires building a personalized and consistent experience across all touchpoints. This expectation can be addressed only, when multiple necessities are executed:

  • A unified customer and data offer
  • A headless service-based architecture that allows to consistently provide commerce, service and content to various enabled touchpoints
  • An omnichannel real time personalization engine that drives customer engagement and delivers loyalty
  • A constant contact with customers to understand their needs and address obstacles is ensured.

Omnitel - omnichannel digital commerce and service platform addresses all of these requirements. It gives the business an ultimate infrastructure to serve customer needs, consistently and relevantly, regardless of the channel, touchpoint and product used on his journey. Furthermore, Omnitel can influence user journey to redirect to more efficient touchpoints or prevent customers from using expensive, human serviced channels. All of these mass, personalized, digital experiences can be delivered to the user in less than a second at a scale of billions of interactions to millions of customers.

Business expectations

The Omnitel platform supports the sale of diversified offers of modern telecommunication companies:

  • mobile, internet, tv plans,
  • multiple kinds of devices, accessories,
  • value added services like: insurance or extended warranty,
  • content like: VOD titles or pay per view access.

Omnitel not only manages complex offers using advanced product catalogs, it uses the richness of the offers as an advantage to drive a personalized recommendation dialog, constantly changing services and products which are proposed to the customer. This flow of proposition is managed entirely by AI algorithms to show the best offer at the best time, to the right customer. For example, when discovery engine will recognize that a certain customer is interested in a new phone, it will propose the most attractive set of handsets based on the historical transactional data. When the user chooses a specific handset, the AI can propose the best value-added services, based on other users’ behaviors and the plan matching customer habits. When finalizing the transaction, it can propose insurance and accessories related to the device on top. It can also give a discount which, based on AB testing, and engage the customer to close the transaction. If the customer remains on the offer page for too long, a call-back pop-up will appear. A contact center agent will see all the customer details with the AI and offer enhancements tailored to that very user. Channel productivity for front-office employees can be increased by showing incentives for closing the deal.

Omnitel platform support preventing customer churn through providing optimized renewal offers parameters and constant engagement of the customer during his retention period to increase probability to deliver the best offer and incentives which would make the customer loyal and redirect him to the best channel to close the transaction.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is an important element of the solution to ensure the highest quality of customer experience at every stage and every point of contact with the company. It empowers service people and CX department with insights that can drive actions and initiatives to improve customer experience. Experience Management system uses “X - data” (subjective experience data) + “O - data” (operational data from various legacy systems) combined and analyzed together to describe their impact on company business indicators.

OMNITEL: Digital omnichannel platform for sales and service in modern telecommunication company that provides consistent experiences, engages customers and constantly improves their experience.

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