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Designing user experience is complex process while it requires understanding users, business goals, context and technology limitations. When we know them we can materialise the ideas of products or digital services in user interface design.

Hycom helps combine business goals, users expectations and tech possibilities into digital interfaces that work. Our usability, interaction, research and visual experts are focused on quick development of the interface concept and verification of its validity with real users. Before the design may become a part of the working system, it needs to be optimised basing on user interactions and emotions.

why it works

  • we combine business goals, users expectations and tech possibilities
  • we work side-by-side with client and understanding of corporate environment
  • we work in a multi-disciplinary teams of experts
  • we test interfaces with real people and experts on each step of design process
  • we evaluate and optimize the design concept
  • we put our effort to design universal interfaces -accessible to everyone
  • we care about quality design assurance beyond interface design steps

During our cooperation with UX&UI Hycom team we could always rely on the expert knowledge, understanding of complex processes, ingenuity and creativity. The company delivered us high quality services and the realizations were effective and reliable. We can recommend Hycom as competent, professional and reliable partner.

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