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Customer Experience Mapping in innogy Poland 

innogy Poland together with Hycom completed Customer Experience Mapping project

At the interface between business and technology, customer needs change dynamically. innogy Poland anticipates its customers' expectations by constantly developing its offer and working on improving the quality of service.

innogy Poland puts its customers in the spotlight and therefore constantly wants to improve their experiences, realizing how important it is to react quickly, adequately and flexibly to their needs. The decision to create the Customer Journey Map was an obvious prelude to designing new customer paths and creating innovative solutions in the area of sales and service.

„Digitalization changes the way of doing business and its preferences. At the same time, we are witnessing an increase in the popularity of Innogy digital solutions and the evolution of their users' behaviour. The information collected during the project is extremely valuable, allowing us to understand customers and their expectations in depth, and thus better design Innogy's digital environment. This translates into a steady increase in the level of customer satisfaction, which is always our number one priority”

​​​​​​​- says Magdalena Borek-Dwojak, Director of Digital & Customer Experience at innogy Poland. 

„During the implementation of the project, the joint team of innogy and hycom focused especially on understanding the needs of innogy customers. Data from VoC systems, NPS surveys, analysis of customer behaviour, as well as interviews conducted directly with customers have been structured and then presented in the form of maps illustrating the life cycles of particular personas who are an inherent part of the functioning of the company.  

The Customer Journey mapping project gave the company a fundamental understanding of the pain points and weaknesses in customers' digital paths. It turned out to be a crucial step on the way to a successful change and a milestone in building a new form of dialogue with the company's customers.

The project provided us all with enormous satisfaction as the work of the combined teams pursued one goal, which is to create the best Innogy Customer Experience”  

-concludes Lucyna Dziewa, Hycom Consulting Director.

The results of the project are a starting point for designing new, unique digital solutions to provide the customers of innogy Poland with the highest level of service and effectively offer new products and energy solutions.

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