commerce and marketing in the cloud​

In recent years, we have successfully implemented cloud platforms and services for different customers and system profiles for such systems as e-commerce, self-care, web portals as well as for consumer service system based on extranet.

Experienced infrastructure specialists are involved in continuous process of training and knowledge upgrade regarding cloud services and able to implement various solutions for specific application needs.

Why move to cloud?

Business benefits

  • costs - minimal initial costs, only operational costs, shorter time-to-market, no hardware investments, no CAPEX, SLA up to 99%.​
  • scalability - cloud platform and services can be scaled up or down on-demand, and is equipped with auto scaling that helps minimising costs.​

Technical benefits

  • security - multi-level protection mechanisms are implemented against confidentiality, integrity and availability loss. Administering activities use only encrypted communication to improve security in platform and service management. ​
  • flexibility – if your needs increase it’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers.​
  • disaster recovery - cloud service uses load balancing, redundancy and other fail-safe protocols to keep data safe and system available for customers.​
  • reliability - cloud services are a globally distributed, secure and reliable systems, widely trusted and used by customers worldwide​
  • it’s open - you can centralise your information and access it from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time.​
  • ease of use - implementation of cloud services is very easy, intuitive and well organised.


how we design services

initial assumptions

    • location of customer
    • geographical dispersion of services
    • current infrastructure
    • policies, legal requirements
    • customer needs, preferences, habits


    • planned services,
    • forecasted network traffic
    • type of content
    • financial analysis
    • TCO


    …to use the cloud service (AWS, Azure or Oracle?)

implementation & verification




    continuity of operations

  • initial assumptions
  • analysis
  • decision
  • implementation
  • operate

Hycom experience

  • Self-care system for customer from the energy sector – AWS platform​ ​ 

    Project goals:​
    location in a specific region (UE),​ relability,​ ensuring a high availability - resistance to failure of one of AZ.​ ​

  • Analytical and financial portal for an international consulting company located in London – Azure platform​ ​

    Project goals:​
    the use of the application by customers located around the world, ​ ensuring a high availability,​ ensuring a disaster recovery mechanisms and resistance to failure of one of the supplier's regions.

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